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Eyelash extensions and Alluring eyes by Beauty Allure

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions
- by Beauty Allure's Nouveau Lash Master Level Technicians

If you would like to achieve that false lash look and wow factor or natural enhanced look without layers and layers of mascara and the hassle of applying false eyelashes every morning then look no further. Individual semi permanent eyelash extensions are designed to provide extra length and thickness to your natural lashes, enhancing your natural eyes.

The beauty of the individual eyelash extension is that you do not need to worry about mascara every morning and avoid the 'panda eye effect' completely!

Eyelash extensions are perfect for holiday where the heat and humidity may normally mean runny mascara moments.

At Beauty Allure we are offering a weekender option - this is eyelash extensions added to the outer edge of the top lid for 20 or you can chose to have a full set or lash extensions (lashes to completely cover the top lid) for 40. Have top lashes and bottom lashes enhanced for £65!

Express Lashes

Very similar to individual lash extensions in look and product but not as durable and completed in half the time. This is a 30 minute treatment and the lashes last for approximately 2 weeks. Lashes cannot be topped up - they have to be removed and replaced.

Infills will be priced on consultation, but if due care is taken then the lashes will only need to be replenished every 2 to 6 weeks, with the first replenishment at 2 weeks costing 15.00.

For example pictures of our lash extensions please click here

Please note: A mobile service is available at a cost of 10 per visit.